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Hiroyuki Fujikake
In 1972, Japanese composer and conductor Hiroyuki Fujikake has graduated in composition from the Aichi Prefectural University of Fine Arts and Music. Three years later, he completed the postgraduate course in composition at the same university. He won several prizes including the Award of Japan Music Competition and the Sasakawa Prize. In 1977 he won the Queen Elisabeth International Composition Competition. In 1990 his album with Sir James Galway (flutist) was listed as one of the Best 10 recordings (Classical crossover section) on the United States Billboard, for which Hiroyuki Fujikake composed, arranged and played the works. He has composed works for symphonic orchestra, opera, musical, ballet, wind orchestra, chorus, mandolin orchestra, TV, radio, movie and synthesizer orchestra. Currently, he is working as a composer, arranger, conductor and synthesizer player in Solo orchestra, a computer assisted synthesizer orchestra.
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COMPOSITION 1977AFirst prize - Queen Elisabeth International Grand Prize
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