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On 06/05 at 12:00 Canvas Klassiek presents the documentary Vadim Repin. Portrait of a virtuoso.
From 08/05 to 13/05 Canvas broadcasts a summary of the semi-finals of the day before, daily from 10:00 to 12:00.

In preparation of the final, Canvas looks back with a number of laureates on their experiences during the Competition in the documentary First Prize, Premier Prix, Eerste Prijs (20/05 at 20:50).
The finals are broadcast live in Elisabeth Live on 12, the new channel of VRT, daily from 20:00. Canvas broadcasts the same program the next day from 22/05 to 26/05 from 10:00 to 13:30. The last final evening, including the proclamation, is repeated on 27/05 at 20:15.

Canvas Klassiek broadcasts the closing concert on 17/06 at 12:00.

The Prelude to National Day concert will be broadcast on Canvas on Saturday 21/07/12 at 14:00 and on Sunday 22/07/12 at 12:00.

La Deux programs two documentaries in connection with the Competition :
In The Korean musical mystery (19/05 at 22:50) Pierre Barré and Thierry Loreau investigate why young Koreans are attracted to classical music, where they study it and especially why they have become so good in such a short time. The film will be premiered at the Brussels Palace of Fine Arts on 07/05 at 20:00, in the presence of the directors and laureate Sunhae Im.
'Altissimo' by Peter Anger, broadcast as part of the program Quai des Belges (11/05 at 22:50), zooms in on the power of music to transmit emotions.

At La Trois you can follow the pre-recorded performances of the semi-finals at 21:05, the finals at 22:30 and the closing concert at 21:05.
The Prelude to National Day concert is broadcast the evening itself on 20/07/12 at 21:05.
Throughout the month of August (every Friday at 21:05), La Trois offers an overview of the highlights of the 2012 violin competition, with the performances of the first 6 laureates. Artyom Shishkov kicks of the series at the end of July (27/07), followed by Yu-Chien Tseng (03/08), Esther Yoo (10/08), Hyun Su Shin (17/08), Tatsuki Narita (24/08) and Andrey Baranov (31/08).

Arte Belgique broadcasts the finals live, every evening as from 19:45, and presents 'Altissimo' by Peter Anger in Quai des Belges (09/05 at 22:40).

TV5MONDE broadcasts the pre-recorded closing concert of 14 June on the following dates (broadcast schedules available on tv5.org) : Africa : 08/07/12, FBS : 09/07/12, Orient : 09/07/12, Europe : 12/07/12, Latin-America : 12/07/12, United States : 12/07/12, Pacific : 13/07/12, Asia : 14/07/12, Canada : 19/08/12
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